Saturday, April 6, 2013


April 6, 2013
Namche: Eleve 11,350. SpO2 = 92  RHR= 72

Ty and I both woke with improved health. My G.I. troubles have passed and I feel 100%. Ty was able to eat half a donut I brought to him from a bakery in the village that opens early. Later he came to breakfast and managed some scrambled eggs. Our team left for Denboche an hour ago. Ty and I are hanging around Namche another day so he can gather more strength before going higher. We are not alone. Last night two more members of the team came down with symptoms much like what Ty had. Counting the others who have already run the course of this bug and the G.I. ailment, about half of our team has been stricken ill. It is a rough start. 

We talk amongst ourselves about what can be done to turn the tides of our besieged health. Most agree we cannot wash our hands anymore than we already do. I carry a bar of soap and hand towel with me at all times, and usually follow that with Purell for good measure. Of late I have taken to using my feet instead of my hands whenever possible. I open doors with my feet. I pull out chairs with my feet. I flush the toilet with my knee. I have never been a germophobe but find great empathy for those who are, as well as anyone without arms. 

Still, the weather is beautiful. A sunny day in the mid sixties will make for a nice walkabout later.  Ty and I will take a few pictures, do a bit of souvenier shopping, and find somewhere clean to get some lunch. Tomorrow will be a better day. We plan to press on.