Thursday, January 17, 2013

Come to my talk at REI & recent magazine articles.

Dear Blog Readers, 
I will be doing a talk at the Bellingham REI on 2/11/13 at 6pm. The title is Quest For Seven Summits, and you can reserve a seat by clicking here Dave's talk at REI and scrolling down to this event. 
I will spend about 45 minutes taking the audience through the six summits I have climbed thus far, then leave 15 minutes for Q&A. It should be a whirlwind hour of pictures and gear and stories. Join me!

Adventures NW magazine has asked me to write 7 articles. The first six will be on each of the continental summits I have climbed, featured in the order they were climbed. The last will be about Everest. 
Denali was the first major summit I attempted. I did not blog this climb and have never written about it before. That piece is out now, click here  . The next piece, about the Kilimanjaro climb, will appear at the end of January. I've never published anything about this climb either - led by legendary Sherpa Ang Dorjee of Into thin air fame. Both pieces feature a link to a short video clip from each climb. 

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