Thursday, January 17, 2013

Please join my Everest Team!

Have you ever considered joining an Everest expedition? Probably not. Because Everest is a cold cold place and you are a sensible right-thinking person. But what if I told you it was possible to join an Everest Expedition and never leave the comfort of your own home?!  Hmmmmm?  
You would still say "No." Because Everest Expeditions are expensive, very very expensive. And your wise Financial Planner would no doubt counsel against such folly. But what if you could join an Everest Team for as little as $5, and every cent of that would go to benefit the Bellingham Boys & Girls Club?  
I suspect you might say "I'm getting a warm feeling." And friends, that warm feeling can only mean one of two things; you are liking this idea, or you are running a bit of a fever and should have gotten that flu shot. In either case, please consider joining my Everest Expedition by donating to my Climbing For Kids program to benefit the important services provided by the Bellingham Boys & Girls Club. 

Maybe you would like to make a Guide level donation, or a Sherpa, or even a Summit Team Member. 

There are many exotic titles to which you may attach your donation and name. We will thank you on the club website like this...
Special Thanks To Our Generous
“Climbing For Kids” Supporters:
 Dave Mauro, Summit Team Member sponsor
Hoagland Pharmacy, Climber Sponsor
The Upfront Theatre, Sherpa Sponsor
Denise Snyder, Sherpa Sponsor
Dee Hanrahan, Sherpa Sponsor
John Hanrahan, Sherpa Sponsor
Ruth Lang, Sherpa Sponsor
Tod Asmussen, Sherpa Sponsor
Susan Luzzi, Sherpa Sponsor
Ann KaiserSherpa Sponsor
Rick Kaiser, Sherpa Sponsor
Kent Loomer, Sherpa Sponsor
Eric Caffi, Sherpa Sponsor
Brett Baunton, Guide Sponsor
Don Mauro, Guide Sponsor
Ivan Gomez, Guide Sponsor
Susan Moore, Guide Sponsor
Carol MasheterGuide Sponsor
John Schapiro, Team Logistics Sponsor
Linda Lehn, Team Logistics Sponsor
Jack & Jan Stillwell, Team Logistics Sponsor

We will thank you on the walls of the gymnasium!

We will say nice things about you like "That Eric Caffi is a snappy dresser!"

And YOU will enjoy the warm feeling that comes from helping the terrific kids at the Bellingham Boys & Girls Club!

All it takes is a credit card and a couple clicks of your mouse, starting here:

Thank you, and WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!

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